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Living Dead is an installation consisting of thirty hybrid forms that evoke the impaired spirit of kidnapped and trapped fugitives. Characters who face an inevitable repressive system and carry the stigma of cost submission. There are two large fallen trees. One of them refers to the final result of carrying the cube, the weight of his body has finally rotten the tree: These are the memories of the fallen. 

It is a duty of memory, a commitment to political, military, paramilitary violence and other national dramas currently happening in Colombia. Gomezbarros makes visible the installation as a metaphor of human destiny in conflict zones. The tension between the living sap of the bark and the dryness of concrete cubes defines the ambiguity of all resistance. 


However, the intervention is not quite bleak.  It provides hope coming from solidarity,  strength and opposition. Life and art are stronger than death´s dance.  


Chloe Charce

IV Fin del Mundo Biennial, Mar del Plata - Argentina 

International Symposium of Art & Nature, Quebec - Canada 

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