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The origin of the word "dialogue" (dialŏgus) refers to an exchange of words between individuals expressing ideas to exchange positions, in that sense, a dialogue is a discussion with the purpose of reaching an agreement. As part of a process such as “peace dialogues” being experienced by more than one country in an attempt to leave behind a history of violence, winds of uncertainty approaches as comes an apparent calm.


Being in the crossfire of information, mass media acquire a fundamental mission that does not always seems to accomplish its goal; Objectively and truthfully communicate without overlapping interests. However, in our reality it comes down to be the first in a world of news.


Deaf Dialogues dramatically expose two opposing forces that cancel each other; They can not go anywhere. The noise arising alludes to the same noise caused by media in situations of confrontation and the difficulty of the general public in learning about their reality and establish net distinctions between the world of communication, mass culture, advertising and propaganda in the political sense of the word.



Sculptural installation with motorcycles, mechanism of ignition and acceleration.


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