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Both,  image processing and visual space are an attempt to represent our origins from a notion of identity questioning. Its the identity of masks, a contradiction which aims to qualify in one concept. Identity is the being, the noun of things, the essence that remains, the masks, the world of  false impressions, of change. But the images that gives the artist are both masks and authentic beingswhich are expressing the authenticity of being in that mythical space where essence and appearance are confused. 


The symbolic exchange between past and present questions the very nature of the sacred and the profane, of myth and earthiness, and contributes to the process of demystification that the artist considered as object of his work. The very act of demystifying reconsiders the meaning of the message: 


In the same place existential concepts have changed. A serie of self-portraits which vision have been constructed with the same attributes and shapes that their mythical figures: the mask is the one who looks at us with its closed eyes. And in the ambivalent universe, the faces and states of  men are interchangeable. Moreover, the identification of the author figures with those achieved level of abstraction : in the mythical instance there is no possible individuality. 


Perhaps this may explain the consistency of a symbology that uses an expressive model repeated - hieratic, expressionless, frontal foreground... - varying meanings depending on other settings and attributes.


Jorge de la Fuente

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