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The human condition, social and individual tensions, desire and reality, identity and anonymity are themes present in

+ Memories filling it with mystery and ritual power. As one of the bases of House Taken, the exploration of the territory becomes essential responding to problems that revolve around identity and displacement.


The ants leave the planet to take the walls and break the boundary between the artwork and the place that contains it; A reflection of human nature and its desire to conquer other worlds. In the case of the rectangular pieces, their position talks about a fragmented territory, borders and visible gaps which leads to doubts and uncertainties.


The materials that make up each of the pieces clearly refer to a territorial speech. They are made with sands coming from deserts, inert and inhabited areas that speak of an almost utopic geography.


+ Memories is an omen, an affirmation and a reality of the actions of a man who builds and destroys, who starts and leave in a constant search for new territories.

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