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In the Magdalena region, the word "paraco" colloquially referres to tangle or mess. It is also the structure built by wasps, whose presence in rural areas scare all living beings just thinking about the consequences of disrupting their feigned passivity.


In Colombia´s socio-political context, the word refers to Paramilitary, an individual who belongs to an illegal armed right-wing organization that defends private interests that have little or nothing to do with community welfare. Extortion and violence are their common denominator, and in the same way the wasps intimidates the quiet of their neighbors, the paramilitary groups disturbe with their presence the residents of regions victims of this phenomenon. Forced displacement is presented as the only option for the inhabitants of these conflict areas; They must leave their land and belongings to escape the shadow of death that haunts these groups.


Paracos is an installation of 12 organic nests intervened with inks and acrylic paints to map each of the 12 regions affected by the phenomenon of paramilitarism. It is a work that speaks about forced displacement, fear that becomes part of everyday life and of course the violence that seems endless in the Colombian nation.


Juliana Durán M. 

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