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Through this serie entitled Templar & Temples, I present an exercise of sculptures born from my own experiences with meditation-stillness and physical forces-vibration. God never gives us trials that we can’t endure y They will not have my hatred represent the inner strength of the above faith of the man that once had to carry a cross. Somehow in this work I seek the duality of a precipitous drop of the divine and the earthly.
The temples reflect the OM that activates the inner resonance of the being. It is a primordial and powerful sound, and the supreme oneness with the combination of the physical and the spiritual. The dumb bell reinforces the internal energy of the skull, and the body is no longer the temple. The mind is the one who leads the desires. To me, the warriors symbolize the capitalist man of the contemporary world. With that in mind I thought the perfect symbol could be the Templars. The creators of new financial techniques were an early form of modern Bank.
The power of faith, the greatest strength of mind and the material ambition, join in these sculptures representing the strength of our contemporary world between the divine and the material.


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