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We certainly live in times of hedonism. Even those social forms that appeared to have only intangible value have been transformed through the manipulation of desire. What seemed to keep some distance with the logic of the commodity, as ritual, religious and other spiritual practices have been colonized. Consumption individualizes all practices, transforming the consumer in mind, body and spirit, in a receptacle of stimuli, which will subtracted him from the collective life.


The sense of being part of a community is dismantled when the consumer is striped from a need for mediation, consensus and collaboration. In addition, the consumer receives personalized products as a response of their individual needs, but their state of individual satisfaction decreases as these changes are probably too fine-drawn to be a real difference.


The Specialty of the House is a sculpture project where you can inquire about these conditions from a visual narrative that is gradually projected into the viewer consciousness. From afar, the whole installation pieces that make surfaces seem steep, almost a sort of interlocked scales or suspended walls that stands the exhibition space. But as the audience discovers a set of smooth, serial, bright shapes the doubt is cleared. What is now in front our eyes is a set of spoons overlapping each other in geometric configurations , which may come from pre-Columbian forms.


However, while the spoon is starring in an unambiguous consumption rethoric, is also offered as a modular device from which emerges a structural and mental complexity. Just as the act of consumption contains an inherent desire for self-satisfaction and therefore the promise of a better life, the immediacy inherent in the act of consuming that satisfaction makes a fleeting pleasure, thus demanding consumer compulsive repetition of the act of consumption, each new object of desire holds for short time, and in each repetition, desire fades. In this game of paradoxes between satisfaction and emptiness, hunger, endless void represented by an equal number of spoons, side effect of excess consumption , in their greed , alters the balance and deprives many of all appears well satisfaction.


David Ayala Alfonso



SPECIALTY OF THE HOUSE ( 2011 -  2014 )

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